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Vegab Food Inc was founded in 1995 in Järfälla, a Stockholm-suburb, in a rather small scale. A few years later as the demand for vegetarian food grew it seemed natural to increase the production as well. The company moved to Bro, a bit further away but to a factory with an efficiently functioning production including quality- and healthcontrol.

Today the production is still a matter of arts and crafts together with great accuracy and skill.The machine-equipment is built out with the capacity to supply a steady production, control and delivery. The company was involved in many festival-activities, most of all the Stockholm Water-festivals where Falafel had a successfull introduction. Afterwards the inquiries and requests increased. It was quite obvious that a "pressure and demand" for vegetarian alternatives as the Falafel was at hand.

Conscious "Healthpeople" discovered that a combination of different sauces and vegatables added to the Falafel and pitabread made it a wholesome taste experience!

Vegab Food is a company with a long experience of vegetarian products.
The customers needs and ideas are the foremost targets of the company.

In Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel and Egypt Falafel is consumed by tradition in a sandwich of thin bread or together with a sallad. This vegetarian delicacy
conquered England, France and the USA where the advantages of the Falafel was found with fast and easy cooking. In Sweden the "streetkitchens" were the first to introduce Falafel. More recently the households have also discovered and been enriched with this tasteful and healthy food-adventure.

In Sweden the vegetarian loaves are often served in a piece of pitabread with vegetables and thahinisauce, or chilisauce (kebabsauce) and a plate of vegetables.
Frozen Falafels are changed to sweet scented delicacies in microwave oven. But do not forget to thaw before! .

Cooking suggestion: Vegetarian Falafel can be heated in oven or microwave oven. Serve with fresh lettuce and houmoud on a plate or in pita bread with garlicsauce (tzatsiki) or chilisauce. Add seasoning to taste.
Prepare Falafel frozen. In oven 200, 400 F ca 10 min. Do not forget to thaw before. In microwave oven (full effect) 1 min.


Chick-peas, broad beans, soya beans, parsley, leek, onion, garlic, sesame seeds, spices, vegetable oil.
In freezer (-18 or colder) See Best before
In freezing-compartment (-6) 3 days
In refrigerator (+8 or colder)
Should not be re-frozen after thawing
Nutritional facts per 100 g
Proteins 11g
Total fat 17 g
Carbohydrate 28 g
Calories 1290kJ (309 kcal)
Note! Non-dairy and free from Gluten.